There are table games and there are table games. Blackjack is the king of the table games, and you can play it with a live dealer if you find one of the top-casinos that offers it. It is the only game in the casino that truly rewards skill and diligent learning. Everyone knows the basic mechanics of the game. You stand, you hit, you try to get close to 21. But did you know that there is a way to play that ensures your odds of winning are the same as the casino’s? Next time you play make sure you obey the following rules (try this out at Winner Casino where you get $2500 FREE!):

If you get aces you always split them. This is not optional. Two aces on their own are a waste of the only card that can be either high or low depending on your needs. Together they amount to a value of 2. Separately, you automatically have the makings of either an excellent hand or an automatic win.
In the case you get two eights, you split them as well. The reason for this is that a hit on a 16 is almost certain to bust, whereas the dealer can easily get a better hand. It is better to just split them and see what happens.
If you have pairs of 2, 3, 6, or 7 and the dealer is showing anything between a 2 and a 7, you should split. This maximizes the chances that the dealer will bust.
If you have a pair of 9 and the dealer is showing anything between a 2 and a 7 you should split them, despite the fact that 18 is a fantastic hand. The reason being that the dealer is more likely to bust in this scenario.

Never split pairs of 4, 5 and 10. The 10s. This is a rule. The low cards add up to a nice value to hit on. The tens are almost a guaranteed win.
If you have a soft ace you should always stand if you also have a 7, 8, 9, or10. Anything less, you should hit.

If you’re dealt a bad hand, such as a 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16, then you should hit if the dealer shows a 7 or better. You have nothing to lose in this scenario.
If you’re dealt a 17, 18, 19, or 20, you do nothing and you will probably win.
This is called the basic strategy. It is worth memorizing and playing by it religiously.